Saturday, July 31, 2021

Here is this year’s awesome lineup

scroll through for more information on each musical act!



12- 1:45 Local Musicians TBD

2 pm Noelle Lucas & Friends

3 pm Gerry Thurber, Gwen & Gary Wilson 4 pm Mark Bezanson

5 pm David Chamberland

6 pm Darren Arsenault

7 pm The Clam Diggers

Noelle Lucas with her powerful voice , sense of humor and classically trained piano playing will be joined by Paul Purcell and Elizabeth Rhymer. They will provide an energetic show of musical fun, with smooth harmonies and free-ranging repertoire full of great tunes and an occasional musical adventure. Jazz, Rock & Roll, Funk and the Blues.

Gerry Thurber has played in bands since the late 60’s Expect a mix of folk, country and blues. Gerry plays the acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo and steel guitar, so it is anyone’s guess what may come out! He will be joined by Gwen & Gary (Gorilla Glue) a Sandy Cove based acoustic duo. They will join Gerry as a trio . They play a wide variety of eclectic folk/ country music, accompanying their vocals on guitar, accordion and sometimes stand up bass.

Mark Bezanson -It’s really all about the blues. While not a classic blues man at first blush, it is undeniable that blues and soul music runs deep in Marks singing, bass playing and songwriting. Mark’s music is a mix of styles that combines elements of Sting, John Mayer, and Keb Mo. Mark is a public-school music teacher, bassist, guitarist, and singer. As a bassist singer he is a member of Jokers Right, he also fronts his own rock, blues and soul band The Mark Bezanson Trio (MB3). Expect a big man with a big voice and a joyful relaxed style.

David Chamberland is a reformed Pastafarian who was raised by a kind family of platypuses in rural Québec. Tired of swimming in circles due to a single webbed foot, David moved to Nova Scotia in 2014. Since then, he has been singing and strumming instead of swimming, and is known for his vast repertoire of acoustic covers in various musical styles. Despite his change of course, David is never found far from the water. David’s performances can be described as eclectic; he thrives on creating a connection with his audience and his commentary between songs is often a performance in itself. David moonlights as a ninja-superhero.

Darren Arsenault plays guitar, banjo, Dobro, mandolin, dulcimer, harp, drums and percussion. The music he plays varies from jazz to bluegrass, country, folk, blues, rock & roll, lounge, classical, old timey and political Science. His resonant voice and emotionally charged lyrics; combined with his energy on stage makes him one of the brightest shining musical entertainers in Nova Scotia. His diverse abilities have given Darren a reputation for being a talented artist who bends and twists musical styles, creating a very cool sound that is unmistakably his own.

The Clam Diggers met in February of 2019 and began performing immediately. Rick Connery’s unmistakable voice can be recognized with your eyes closed, while Brian Max’s own style of guitar playing will keep you waiting for more. But it’s really Gary (Gorilla Glue) Wilson that holds it all together. Playing songs from the 50’s to current day chart toppers, they cover old & new country, blues, pop and even some rock! Dig them Clams!