The Rezonators

the rezonators
The Rezonators

At 1:15 get ready for the Rezonators from the Bridgetown area. The Rezonators are an acoustic trio featuring 2 guitars and a mouth harp, bringing you blues Americana and more. Jeff Barteaux gives you a soulful sound on the mouth harp that leaves you wanting more. Wayne Morris plays guitar with such ease – when he sings you will swear it is Eric Clapton himself. Michael Robertson has a unique singing and finger-picking style that takes you back to the early blues era of the ’20s & ’30s . Delivering an unforgettable style of their own with a bluesy feel to some classic hits that will leave you wanting one more song!

The Rezonators will be playing the main stage in the Freeport Ballfield at 1:15, on Saturday, Aug. 3rd.

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Posted by Annapolis Brewing Company on Saturday, April 20, 2019
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